Posted by Garth on Friday, May 21, 2010

As my friends already know, I'm pretty much a vampire - even though I live on a tropical island.  The other day I tried to do some work on the roof beside the pool (ok, I was actually trying to watch Breaking Bad).  But it sucked.  I couldn't see my screen to save my life.  The whole glossy Mac screen is nice indoors, but it sucks ass outside.  So just now I thought to myself that I should try to find a way to reduce the glare so that I could, when the mood struck me, work outside.  So I googled "macbook pro sunlight glare" and the first link I clicked led me to this:

WTF?!  Who is going to carry that PoS around with them so they can use their laptop in less-than-optimal-lighting-conditions?  Not I.  Could you imagine sitting by the pool with your laptop on your lap and that hoody surrounding it?  Luckily, further link-clicking led me to this Anti-Glare Screen Protector, which is both cheap and unobtrusive.  Now all I need to do is find an even cheaper Thai knockoff.


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