Singapore AGAIN!

Posted by Garth on Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok, now that that's out of the way, I came to Singapore again today.  Last time I just hung out at the airport in an attempt to save money.  This time I decided that it's ok if I spend a little extra in order to take advantage of Singapore.  And by that I mean take advantage of Brewerkz.  BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and multiple Oatmeal Stouts.  I am in heaven.  To quote a friend, "the only thing missing is a roman orgy".  Though technically that would get in the way of my burger and beer, so I'd probably pass anyway.

So anyway, there's a bit of a story (assuming a story is the ability for my readers to laugh at my expense).  Woke up this morning with just enough time, went downstairs, and my car wouldn't start.  Have been having battery problems lately, and from the moment I got up to the moment I heard the "click-click", I was thinking positive thoughts.  "My car will start.  My car *will* start."  But it didn't.  So after swearing for a couple minutes and calling the only 2 people I knew with cars that might be up at 7:15am (of which neither of them were awake/available), a car pulled into my driveway and I was able to get a jump.  But then it started to rain.  So, there I am, pulling jumper cables and attaching them to batteries while the rain is pouring down and I'm drenched (electricity and water - the breakfast of champions).  Anyway, got the car started, got to the airport, got checked in, and got on my plane.  Everything was uneventful until I got to Singapore.  No problem at customs and all that, got in a cab and told him I wanted to go to Brewerkz.  I'd already done my research last night (of course) and figured out what I wanted.  But all he could say to me was "it's really far".  "I've already flown here from Thailand... a long drive isn't going to deter me" I told him.  So what does he do?  He drives for a bit, then pulls into some sort of mall with a foodcourt and says "there's lots of places to eat here".

REALLY?!  Your fare (that you picked up at the airport) asks you to go to a specific restaurant, and you take him to a foodcourt?  Anyway, he sat there for awhile calling people trying to get directions, and eventually took me to a Brewerkz at some stadium.  It looked a little suspicious (as in nothing looked open), but he seemed confident so I paid him and got out of the cab.  He drove away.  I walked around the building to where the Brewerkz is and it was CLOSED!  So then I had to walk a few hundred metres to a taxi stand at another building.  And I stood there for a long time before a cab came.  But my new taxi driver was awesome.  Had a nice conversation with her about the crazy red-shirts in Bangkok and arrived at my destination with only a $7 and change cab fare (after the nearly $20 from the airport douchebag).  So, I lost about an hour of quality time with my stout(s).  But I vow to finish this post now and play a little catch up.  Then back to Phuket tonight.

So excuse me now whilst I enjoy my burger and stout.


Mom said...

What? No Oatmeal stout in Phuket?

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