MacBook 3 Finger Middle Mouse Button Click

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As most Firefox users know, clicking the middle mouse button (or scrollwheel) on a link opens it in a new tab.  Since I've been using a MacBook, whenever I don't have a mouse I've been using a 2 finger click to bring up the context menu then selecting "Open Link in New Tab".  This is tedious, so today I started looking for a way to emulate the middle mouse button functionality with a 3 finger click.  And after a little searching I found a neat little app that does exactly that.

Enter MiddleClick.  It's a lightweight little app that lets you use either a 3 Finger Click or a 3 Finger Tap to emulate the middle mouse button.  And it works like a charm.  Thanks clem!

To make it start automatically (since there's no Dock icon) you have to go to System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items and add it that way.


Rob Drimmie said...

You can also use command-click to open tabs in a new window.

Garth said...

That requires two hands... and I'm lazy.

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