First Attempt at Bending Me Over

Posted by Garth on Friday, October 23, 2009

<sarc>Thanks Steve</sarc> (if only I could use those tags in real life).  I get my shiny new lappy and iPod, and after playing with the lappy for a couple days I decided just now to unbox the Touch and see what it can do.  Well, after setting up sync'ing and all that, it tells me there's a software update available.  Neat I think.  Tell me more!  Well, it turns out that this software update (from v.2.2.1 to v.3.1.2) will cost me $4.95.  Um, isn't this device BRAND NEW?!  Shouldn't I be entitled to at least a month's worth of updates for free?  Or forever?  I mean, it is a firmware/OS sorta deal, isn't it?  Updating my Nokia's firmware doesn't cost me anything.

Guess I'm stickin' with 2.2.1 unless someone can tell me why I shouldn't?  Cuz likely by the time I do anything that would have required 3.1.2 instead of 2.2.1, 4.0 will be out.  Re-tar-ded.


Peter said...

Ya, that bites, I mean remember we got free upgrades to our iPaq 3560. Also, we got free upgrades to most of our Pocket PCs over the years (I'm only including legit updates). Then there are free upgrades to my phone, even my xbox 360 and Wii get free upgrades. What's with Steve?

Peter said...

Oops, type, that was the iPaq 3650.

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