Three Nights In Bangkok

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sitting in the hotel coffee shop writing this, basically killing time until I head to the airport.  And I gotta say I can't wait to get back to Phuket.  Bangkok's fun and all, but it's definitely seedy, and definitely expensive.  So, what did I do on nights 2 and 3 you might ask?  Details follow...

Saturday Sean and I went shopping for restaurant supplies.  Need some major appliances for the kitchen and Sean knew of some cheap stores to get custom made stuff here, so we spent most of Saturday afternoon bouncing between stores looking for the best deals.  Saturday night we we went to some fast foodish taco place which was actually quite good, and cheap.  After that we bounced to some big bar for a couple of beers, which didn't really go down well for either of us.  At that point it was looking like we were gonna make an early night of it but we went to a pool hall and switched to the hard stuff, which definitely changed the course of the evening.  I owned a table there.  Seriously, I was on fire.  The only person that beat me was the owner of the bar (who I played because I was kicking everyone else's ass, and one of the waitresses told me that I had to play him after I ran about 10 games).  And the only reason I lost to him was cuz I flubbed a couple of easy shots.  Though in my defence I was about 4 or 5 vodka-tonics in at that point.

We were both feeling a little better after that, so Sean decided to take me to one of the other infamous Bangkok areas - Soi Cowboy.  Went to some bar there (Cowboy 2?) and had a decent time.  Ended up buying a bottle cuz drinks were ridiculously priced, and a bottle was 1000 baht.  Only finished half of it, but at least we got to take it with us.  I'm gonna hazard to say that the girls were less aggressive than Nana, but the debauchery was still rampant.

Sunday we went to the Jiu-Jitsu tournament for an hour or so, but I only saw one guy I know fight, and he ended up losing.  However apparently the Tiger guys overall did quite well, so congrats to them.  After that we went to Pantip which is the biggest computer/electronics mall I've ever seen.  Geek heaven.  I found (actually, Sean found) my phone adapter within about 5 mins of walking in and it only cost 60 baht (I'm sure I could have haggled, but really, I've been looking for it for weeks and it cost $2 once I actually found it).  So from that perspective the trip to Bangkok was a rousing success.

Ended up laying low Sunday night cuz Sean had a pain in his side.  And Monday I hung out in the hotel coffee shop writing the majority of this post (til my 150 baht/hour internet expired) and drinking coffee.  Then I went to the airport and barely stayed awake as I bounced between the obscenely overpriced restaurant and the smoking lounge.  At least I was allowed to take my beer in there.

Anyway, ya, I know... my Bangkok experiences pale in comparison to some... but it is what it is.  Oh, and that guy selling the Lancer never answered his phone.  Meh.


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Garth said...

Nice! My blog is now the target of marketing spam. I've hit the big-time, baby!

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