One Night In Bangkok

Posted by Garth on Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow.  I don't even know how to describe the debauchery.  The first time I came here (with Ken) it was pretty laid back.  He was working during the days but at night we ended up going out to a restaurant here or a pool bar there.  Even though we were stumbling distance from the infamous Nana Plaza (which I knew nothing about at the time).  Well, let's just say that Sean is no Ken.  Since coming to Thailand I've definitely read about Nana, but was still quite unprepared for what was in store there.  I had my first introduction last night, and I'm not sure I need to do that again.  The girls are 10 times more aggressive than the most aggressive North American guy, and the ladyboys are frightening.  Maybe I'm just a naive Canadian (actually, I'm pretty sure I am), but I just can't comprehend what goes on behind closed doors here.  Actually, I can, since I've read a shitload about it, but my small little mind is still overwhelmed when seeing it first hand.  Phuket is like a G-rated movie compared to this place.  And when the bars in the plaza close at 2am, all the girls looking for "customers" hang out in the parking lot of the Nana hotel... ironically the hotel that Sean chose for us to stay in.  I gotta give the guy credit though... he's pretty funny and tends to fuck with everyone.  It was kind of like watching a comedy movie, except that occasionally he'd include me in the scene, usually in a detrimental way (along the lines of Santino's "He likes you!" which he occasionally yells out to random girls as we're sitting at a bar or walking down the street, pointing at me).

Also, shit's expensive here.  We went to some clubby club (Nana Disco) and beers were 180 baht a bottle.  That's like $6 CAD.  I thought Thailand was supposed to be cheap (and, well, it is, just not in this area apparently).  We also went to some bar (Carnival?) that had a mechanical bull which the boys (excluding myself since I just wasn't drunk enough) proceeded to ride while getting smacked in the ass with a rubber hose of some sort by some cowgirl-looking chick.  Good times(?)

Anyway, today looks like it's gonna be a little more low key, at least until the sun goes down.  Gonna hit a few malls and maybe check out the Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  After that who knows what Sean has in store.


Carrot said...

did you see the katoey that almost tricked sean last time

Garth said...

Ya, he pointed him/her out. But he wasn't sure it was the same... err... person. He did get the phone number of one on the street though. Classy.

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