Dos Gringos

Posted by Garth on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, looks like SparklyD let the cat out of the bag as it were.  You're reading the blog of a proud new Mexican restaurant, bar and guesthouse owner in Phuket, Thailand.  Well, co-owner.  Things are a little slow right now given that it's low season and all, but hopefully it will pick up come November.  We recently hired a new chef from Boston.  He's introduced a breakfast menu so we open at 8am now, and soon he'll be working to help clean up the Mexican fare.  And we're going to be doing up some BBQ/Tex-Mex stuff as well.  There's also some staffing issues that we're trying to sort out - who'd've thunk that finding quality, English-speaking staff would be difficult in Thailand??  In fact, the other night we had a birthday party for the gf and I ended up working the bar all night cuz it was super busy.  So add that to my resume - bartender extraordinaire (though really it consisted of opening bottles of beer and mixing margarita pitchers).

We plan on doing some cleanup in the guest rooms as well.  Some paint here, some new amenities there... basically just make things a little more appealing to the non-fratboy crowd.  Though as far as Chalong goes I can't think of a better place to live.  I know I had a great time living there.


mother said...

Congratulations dosboy @ Dos Gringos. Want me to send recipes--pigtails, cabbage rolls, schnitzel, etc ??

Vinhsanity said...

Congrats dude! After looking at your monthly expenses, did you just figure it'd be cheaper to buy the place?

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