Chapter 1

Posted by Garth on Saturday, August 2, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it was a hot and humid night. Through a haze of Chang beer I opened my email and found the single greatest message I've ever received.

We have deposited $XXX,XXX into your TD account. Kindly refer to the attached letter.
Have a safe trip.
Now, there's a hold on the money since it was a cheque that was deposited and not cash, which means I won't be able to fully appreciate / celebrate its arrival until Wednesday probably, at which point I'll be in Penang. But let's call this Chapter 1. Everything up until now has been a Foreword or Introduction if you will. The story is just now beginning. And I'm the protagonist. Let's just hope it's not a Tragedy that's being written.

P.S. (do blog posts use P.S.'s?) I'm a millionaire now.  In Thai Baht at least.  But still, a millionaire!  2 years behind schedule and different currency than originally anticipated, but close enough.


Gillian said...

This is the part where the millionaire's family comes asking for money, all "we love you and we've always loved you!"

With a twist:

C'mon, I've only done this four times! And you've only donated zero times!

Gregg said...

Masn, calcualte that number in Zimbabwe dollars and you will blow-your-MIND.

So millionaire you going to buy my plane ticket to see you, cuz you are all like loaded.

I have 3 mouths to feed you know! Ok so they are all cats but still.....

Ehheheh congrats man. Don't blow it all on fireworks and candy

Mother said...

This is the Story I've been waiting for. You will make it!

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