Posted by Garth on Sunday, August 3, 2008

I own this domain. I bought it soon after the whole .mobi TLD bullshit occurred, which is really just an ICANN money grab, but whatever. It was the only way I could get a gutenberg domain. But I never did anything with it. And now it's coming up for renewal. Is it worth it to renew? The .mobi domains are pretty pricey - about $35/year. If only my last name was not shared with that printing press dude. And, for that matter, Project Gutenberg.

Anyway, should I renew and hold onto this crappy domain or just let it go?


Mother said...

RENEW! If you need the money, your mother will send it! Make that Gutenberg name-----

Vinhsanity said...

Let it go...dotMobis are about as in demand as "I [heart] Bacon" t-shirts.

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