Posted by Garth on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two days ago I was a giant ball of stress for the following reasons:

  • Lost my ATM card
  • My 30-day Visa stamp was about to expire
  • I had to postpone my trip to Penang due to my lost ATM card
  • I had 300 baht to my name and no one around here takes credit cards
  • My condo was closing but my lawyer informed me at the last minute that he'd be depositing the money into a trust account until I returned, rather than into my chequing account directly
  • Seem to have developed a smoker's cough from, obviously, smoking too much
  • A girl who works at the bar downstairs seems to have a crush on me and would cry whenever I was with someone else
  • I grew a third eye (big zit in the middle of my forehead) √† la Brahmin caste
As of today, I am much less stressed.
  • Still don't have my ATM card but it's been sent and should arrive soon, hopefully before the weekend; though for some reason my bank can't give me a tracking # - what year is it again?
  • I got a 7-day Visa extension yesterday
  • Was able to reschedule my trip to Penang for next Monday and don't believe I was charged for the change (though I'll have to verify this once I'm able to log into online banking again)
  • I found a bank that gave me a cash advance on my Visa (having no PIN associated with it I'm unable to use it in an ATM)
  • By jumping through a bunch of hoops and having my good friend D sign an affidavit that I am who I say I am I was able to get my lawyer to agree to depositing the money into my account (which should happen by tomorrow)
  • Smoker's cough is lightening up (and I'm officially going to stop smoking on August 1st - at least that's the plan)
  • Third eye seems to be dissipating
Crying girl still seems upset, but I plan on dealing with this today as best I can. How do you say "You're cute and fun but you're too young and I'm not really interested" in Thai? Problem is that she's the sometimes chef, so I have to tread lightly. Or stop eating Mexican food.


Mom said...

YAY!! This may be the breakthrough!
I love that friend D!!

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