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Posted by Garth on Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perusing Google Analytics and felt like sharing some interesting stats. Note that these are for the last 6 months of blog time.

Outlook Signature Location in Vista has 1017 unique views, only slightly less than the root site with 1319. This indicates to me that (a) Microsoft should have documented this better and (b) too many people are using Vista, likely against their will. Which leads to the next interesting stat...

I Fucking Hate Vista is my 12th most popular page with 143 unique views. What's interesting about this one though is some of the search terms people have used to find it. There's the obvious ones, such as "i hate vista" and "i fucking hate vista" (second and first most popular search terms respectively), but then there's the creative ones, such as "fuck vista in the ass" and "god i hate vista" as well as various combinations of the above with anywhere from 4 to 26 exclamation marks. This really leads me to question how much people hate other OSes, and whether or not a blog post entitled "I Fucking Hate OSX" or "I Fucking Hate XP" or "I Fucking Hate Linux" would garner as many hits. Let's test...

"fucking hate vista" (in quotes) returns 650 results
"fucking hate osx" returns 0 results (though after this post gets indexed it's gonna return 1!)
"fucking hate xp" returns 24 results
"fucking hate linux" returns 59 results

Microsoft, I hope you're (though am sure you're not) reading this. Not only do people actually despise your latest OS, but they take the time to write about their hatred and post it on the intarweb. Maybe, just maybe, you should take this as a sign.

Hmm... didn't intend this to turn into another Vista bashing post, but what the hell... it is what it is.


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