Bad Luck

Posted by Garth on Sunday, July 27, 2008

Turns out that all my ducks were not lined up. I went to take out money this morning to pay for the taxi to the airport and lo and behold my ATM card was missing. I must've left it in the bank machine on Wednesday night. So I've called my bank and they're sending a new one, which will take 5-7 days. Problem is my 30-day Visa stamp expires on Tuesday, so I need to go to the Immigration Office in Phuket Town and get a 7 day extension. I've changed my flight to Penang to August 4th. Hopefully I'll get my ATM card this week. And hopefully the Immigration Office won't give me a hard time. And hopefully I won't be so absent minded in the future.

On the bright side I was told when I called to change my flight that the 11:25am flight I was supposed to be on today has been delayed until 8:40pm tonight, so had I gone to the airport as scheduled I would have been sitting around for 9 hours. I'll make sure to check flight status next Monday before I leave, cuz that would suck.


Mom said...

So much for wishing you good luck--just stay focused!

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