Canada Day Celebrations @ Dos Gringos

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whilst down at Dos Gringos having some food and drinking some beer in celebration of Canada's birthday, I ran into Carl, the other Canadian guy staying here. He said he knew a place to get some rye, and proceeded to take off to Phuket Town. After about 45 mins he returned with a 26er of Canadian Club and a bunch of ginger ale. We then began discussing fireworks, and Carl said he knew a place up the street that sold them. So we hopped on his scooter and took off. It turned out that the place he knew of was closed, but there was a store next door to it that was open and did indeed sell fireworks. So we loaded up. Spent about 2100 baht, but ended up with quite a selection, as well as a couple of beasts. We then spent the next hour or so drinking rye & gingers and setting off fireworks, trying to avoid the power lines. Unfortunately I didn't have any Canadian flags or other paraphernalia, but those of us in the bar knew what we were celebrating. I'm sure the bargirls next door just thought we were crazy.


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