Canada Day

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tomorrow is Canada Day. And since I'm not there to watch lame fireworks I'm going to need to find a way to celebrate here in Thailand and show these Thais how a real Canadian parties. Only I don't have a flag, and I don't have any Canadian beer, and I don't have any rye whisky. So I need some suggestions from fellow Canadians as to what I can do to make Canada Day 2008 go down in Phuket's history! Preferably without getting arrested or deported.


Gillian said...

Use Canadianisms all day! Also, Canadian trivia! Do you have a touque, maybe?

Gregg said...

download a bunch of Canadian songs (the hip, great big sea, nickleback etc), drink beer like its going out of style but keep commenting that its not strong enough, find maple syrup and chug it (before the beer of course), go online to google translator and learn a bunch of cheesy things to say in french - you know so you can be pretend sleazy in both official languages.

oh and borrow lipstick from a hottie and give yourself a temporary maple leaf tattoo.

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