Posted by Garth on Friday, June 27, 2008

Last night we were having a few drinks and discussing nicknames. I've already deemed Santino "Monkey Boy", for both his balcony climbing exploits and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expertise. Also he keeps talking about wanting to fight an ape (though has identified that it wouldn't be a fair fight since the ape would likely tear his arms out of their sockets and/or bite his face off). Suffice it to say that the name stuck with him and he felt it was appropriate. So let me now fill you in on the rest of the nicknames in the Dos Gringos Frat House.

Across the hall from me we have Carl, a fellow Canadian from northern Toronto (somewhere south of Newmarket but north of Steeles), who paces a lot. And I mean A LOT. So he's been nicknamed "Pacemaster".

Downstairs we have Scott, who I've previously mentioned. His nickname is, quite simply, "Scott the Drunken Sailor" (he owns some sort of jet boat that apparently does crazy things in the water... and no less I'm sure if he's behind the wheel).

In another room downstairs we have a British guy who seems to like to give Santino a hard time. I get along quite well with him, but that's likely cuz there was one day where he was having girlfriend issues so I bought him a few tequilas to help ease the pain. Originally we referred to him as AMOG, but since Santino has out-amog'ed him, Santino simply refers to him as "Dork" now.

And what's my nickname you might ask? Well, I'm sure this will come as no surprise to my close friends (though I'm sure if Santino met some of you this nickname would be applied to you sooner than me - and you know who you are), but I've been nicknamed "Hardcore Party Guy". It's a little bit long, but what the hell... it works.


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