Nai Harn Beach

Posted by Garth on Monday, June 30, 2008

Went to Nai Harn beach yesterday. So far I'd definitely rank it as the nicest beach I've seen (as compared to Rawai, Kata and Patong). Applied liberal amounts of SPF 30 sunscreen, but I believe after 2 swims in the ocean I still managed to get burned. Though only slightly, so I'm not too worried. {As an aside, I think the BullFrog stuff I picked up in Bermuda was by far the best sunscreen I've used yet. Took a fair bit of water before it needed re-applying, wasn't greasy and sprayed in a mist, eliminating the need for rubbing it into the skin.} From the pictures this beach looks pretty much like Kata, but it's much nicer. Cleaner and slightly more isolated. And there's a little lake / big pond -type thing set back a bit from the beach if you just want to play in the water but avoid the waves (though I didn't actually go over there yesterday, so I failed to get any pictures of it). The waves weren't massive, but they were definitely big enough to have fun in. And the undertow was fierce, but just in a I-have-to-wait-until-a-wave-pushes-me-to-shore-otherwise-I'm-stuck-in-one-spot-as-I-can't-move-forward-against-the-undertow sort of way. The water was warmish, but definitely not bath water warm like the other day at Kata. Cold at first but easily adapted to.

{I'd like to point out here that Autostitch failed me for the first time, and was unable to add the first 3 pictures in this post to the panorama. Weak.}

As seems to be the case at all of the Phuket beaches, lounge chairs lined the shore, but some dude keeping an eye out wanders over once you've settled in and charges you 100 baht per chair. Not a big deal, but a little annoying. Guess everyone's gotta make money somehow.


Mother said...

Awesome beach. Hey, you may even get a tan--I want a picture of that!

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