Tasty Thai Desserts

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's been awhile since I posted about new foods. Mostly this is because when I order something like Sweet & Sour Chicken or some other pork/chicken Thai dish, there's probably 12 things in it that are new, but I have no idea what they are so I just eat them. And most of the time they're tasty. Which means that I either need to be far more investigative into what I eat (and likely learn Thai so that when the waiter/waitress tells me in Thai I understand what he/she's talking about), or only deal with actual dishes rather than individual fruits and vegetables. Unless I'm just eating some new fruit or something.

Anyway, on to the new foods.

This large citrus fruit was very bitter. Tasted a lot like a grapefruit. I'm not a big fan, and wouldn't go out of my way to eat another one.

Khao Tom Mad (Thai Bananas in Sticky Rice)
Tasted like mushy bananas in sticky rice. Taste wasn't bad, but didn't really like the texture. Too mushy. Felt like I had to gum it instead of chew it. Good for old people without teeth I suppose.

Thong Yib
A sweet yellow dessert. There were three different "shapes" - ovular, star-like and stringy. The stringy were the sweetest (and obviously, tastiest). Basically they were sticky, sweet little cake-like bites. Tasty.

Dried Pork & Sticky Rice
This image isn't really what I had (this is much fancier). What I got was a little baggy with a bunch of dried pork strips in it and another little baggy with sticky rice. And honestly, who needs the sticky rice when you have what equates to a little bag of heaven? This dried pork was like eating bacon in a snack-like format. A little leaner than bacon but with all of the bacony goodness, this stuff is the shit. I'll definitely be buying more of it.


SergioV said...

Why are you in Thailand? Your haircut looks gay. Did you go there for a sex change?

Garth said...

Hmm... not sure what brought on a random attack from a stranger in the 'Wa... but w/e. The answer to your question ca be found in a previous post or posts, and yes, my haircut does look gay (actually ghey), but that's what you get for $2.45. As for a sex change I was thinking more of an addition and becoming a hermaphrodite so that if some random blog commenter tells me to fuck myself I can.

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