Two New Foods

Posted by Garth on Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seeing as I didn't post (nor eat) a new food yesterday, I figured I'd do 2 today.

Char Siew Pau
Basically a doughy bun with pork inside. Tasty. Very tasty. And cheap too. I think this might be my new staple in Thailand if they're available there.

Some sort of fruit with a hard shell that you crack open to get to the meaty goodness. The taste was good, but I wasn't a fan of the texture. Not sure how to describe it. Each piece was kind of like a little loose sack containing the "meat". So when you bite into it the sack sorta bursts, but has a bit of a rubbery texture to it as well. Not sure I could do this one again, or at least frequently, but only due to the texture. Also the fruit overall has an odd look to it that sorta creeps me out.


Mother said...

Bun filled with "pork"? May be as close as you come to bacon??

Peter said...

Man, this is one of my favorite foods.

Cha siu baau is cantonese for BBQ Pork Bun. Cha is sometimes pronounced as "Char" as well.

cha siu = BBQ pork
Baau = Bun

There is also "cha siu mein" which is BBQ Pork Noodle soup.

If you've ever walked down a street where they have the pigs hanging in the windows, that's the meat you're eating.

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