Dragon Fruit

Posted by Garth on Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's food of the day is ... Dragon Fruit. So whenever someone eats dragon fruit I want you to SCREAM REAL LOUD! Err... ok, maybe not. At any rate, ate some dragon fruit for breakfast this morning. It's like 90% water and pretty tasteless. Tiny bit of sweetness and the texture is good. Kind of melts in your mouth but there's tons of little seeds in it which give it a bit of a crunchiness as you chew. Verdict: Thumbs up. I'd eat it again.


Brianna said...

I consider this your first real new food. good job!

Garth said...

I respectfully disagree. Fish balls?! I think the last time I ate anything fishy was a fish stick when I was 8. And I probably spit it out. This just happens to be my first real new fruit.

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