Posted by Garth on Thursday, May 22, 2008

The MBK Center. Huge ass shopping mall. It's like Pacific Mall on steroids. A lot of them. I'm not really a shopper (translation: shopping drives me crazy) and I was lucky to escape with my sanity. But I did manage to buy a nice LED flashlight for 299 baht (about $10) and a stylin' pair of Ray Bans for 4600 baht (about $140). I could've gotten a pair for 199 baht, but they just didn't cut it. And now it's 3pm and 7-11 doesn't sell beer. So I'm gonna go find somewhere that does. And maybe eat some meat on a stick. Maybe.

UPDATE: According to Ken I got hosed on the glasses. Apparently I should have asked them "Does it come with a massage? You know, a 'massage'?". Either that or told them I wouldn't go over 2000 baht. Ah well, what can I say, I'm just a dumb farang. But I do really like the sunglasses. And who knows, maybe they're actually real Ray Bans.


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