Things That Have Gone Wrong

Posted by Garth on Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well, I've been here almost exactly 2 weeks. And following is a list of things that have gone wrong with the "loose ends" that I thought were tied up but apparently weren't. This post is more a means for me to vent than anything, so to all my loyal readers, just bear with me.

  1. I bought Ken some headphones when I was in Bermuda. Had them shipped to Gillian. She forgot to bring them with her when she came to Canada. No biggy, right? She shipped them when she got back to Brooklyn, but they never arrived. Got bounced back to her for some reason (she presumes it was because she shipped them in the Amazon box). So, time to spare, she shipped them again. Or rather had a friend ship them. They didn't arrive before I left, so the usage that Ken intended for them (his return flight) was lost.
  2. Mike tried to pick up the headphones from security today. They have them, but told him that a) they were addressed to #1101 instead of #1011, and b) they don't have the authorization form that I specifically signed to let him pick up my packages. So he's got to go to the management office to sort things out. PITA.
  3. Had an offer on my condo. It was low. I modified the offer and sent it back, but so far haven't heard a peep. Dunno if it'll go through. Hope it does, cuz I could use the cash (see #4 below).
  4. This one's the big one. I requested a new Visa card before I left Canada (points, better travel stuff, etc.). It didn't get to me before I left. Had my mail forwarded to my mom. She got the card on the 21st. TD told me that my old card would be functional until I activated the new one. No problem. Told my mom to hold onto it until I got to Thailand. However I tried making a purchase on it today and it was rejected. Just got off the phone with TD and it seems that my old card was "closed" on the 27th and that my new card was automatically activated. So my new, active card is in Waterloo, and my old, useless card is in my pocket. And I have no functional credit card. And apparently there's nothing that Visa can do to reactivate a closed card. Not the best feeling when I'm on the other side of the world. In addition I had to have them "block" the new card cuz I don't want an active card shipped to me in case it gets lost, which means once I have it in my hands I need to call them back and get the block removed. Did I mention PITA?! Not to mention worrisome. Oh, ya, and it's probably gonna cost a couple hundred dollars to express ship the new card to Thailand. Thanks TD!
  5. Xdrive, the online backup solution I was using, blows chunks. Their desktop client which lets you schedule automatic backups (and which was the only reason I chose them over the dozens of other free online backup solutions) sucks. Every time my laptop loses internet, be it from Ken's flaky connection (i.e. Vista) or cuz it went into sleep and woke up, the client executable XdrSmb.exe chews up 50% cpu and never reconnects. Just sits their chewing up horsepower and making my laptop run hot, not actually doing anything. And when I emailed them for support (which I had to google endlessly even to find the address) I got an automated response and still haven't gotten an actual person response yet. So now I'm running backup-less until one of my friends installs FolderShare so that I can back up to their machine.


Vinhsanity said...

I find humour in the four of you not being able to make a set of headphones happen :)

)uffm@n said...

There is a plugin for firefox that lets you use your gmail space as a network drive.

Gspace I think its called...

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