Current Itinerary (Subject to Change)

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Gillian's request here's my current itinerary. But it could change at any moment.

  1. May 15th - Leave Toronto (this already happened)
  2. May 16th - Arrive Singapore (this already happened)
  3. May 20th - Singapore to Bangkok (Ken had work here so I figured I'd tag along and stay in his lux hotel as opposed to his lux condo; also this already happened)
  4. May 24th - Bangkok to Singapore (back to Ken's condo)
  5. May 31st - Singapore to Phuket, Thailand (Muay Thai training)
  6. ...
That's as far as it goes right now. Really it depends how long I can take a beating for. Going to solidly commit to a week, but I'd like to do a month or two. Did I mention the "take a beating" part?


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