Bread Butter Pudding

Posted by Garth on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know, another weak food. But I must say it's tough to try new foods with Ken around. He's kind of sick of the whole Asian food culture and prefers to eat pizza and pub food (and who am I to argue?). So at the breakfast buffet this morning I had some bread butter pudding. It kinda looked like a slice of cake, but was a little more runny (i.e. puddingy). And it was really buttery. I couldn't finish it, deferring to my chocolate croissant instead. I'd have to say I'm pretty neutral towards it. I'd eat it again, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Also, I should take pictures of these things.


Brianna said...

ok garth, SERIOUSLY this is pathetic.

bu ya random piece of fruit, go to a bodega and get a weird thai snack food, otherwise my eyes will roll straight out of my head.

Garth said...

Come on... sure this particular food item is pathetic (which I identified in the post) but some of the other foods have been exotic. This morning I ate a Chinese Cruller... which is also a little pathetic, but I'm tempted to post about it anyway just to see if your eyes actually do roll straight out of your head. And if they do I want a picture.

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