Bermuda - Night 1

Posted by Garth on Monday, March 31, 2008

Last night was a good kickoff to my walkabout/sojourn/world travel (I really need to come up with a definitive term for whatever it is I'm doing). I met Gregg's friend Dan who welcomed me with a small care package (last time I was here I used his room and exchanged a few emails with him, so we kind of knew each other in passing, as well as through stories via Gregg). The four of us (Gregg, Liz, Dan and myself) hung out for a few hours, drinking and enjoying each others company. At around 4am Dan wanted to check out some beach party that was going on, so I went with him while Gregg and Liz decided to call it a night. Took a cab to the beach but we were the only ones there, so we sat around for awhile, had a few beers, wandered around in the surf and was generally in a bit of awe. The reflection of the moon off the water was phenomenal, as were the clouds and stars. I tried taking a picture with my camera phone, but it ended up completely black with a small little light near the top which was the moon. I really need to get a better camera.

At any rate, we hung out til around 6 or 6:30, at which point I was freezing my nuts off as the wind had picked up and it was getting pretty cold. We moved to a slightly more sheltered area, had another beer then took off back to Gregg's. Once we got back Dan had a conversation with Liz and realized we actually went to the wrong beach for the party, so theoretically it was still going on when we left, but c'est la vie.

Some observations in no particular order:

  1. When it's dark here it's REALLY dark. I was walking along some street with Dan and literally couldn't see my hand in front of my face. If there had been a tree in my path I would have walked into it.
  2. The night sky has a crazy amount of stars and visibility. It's really quite unbelievable.
  3. It takes a really long time to get a taxi. We waited for about 30 mins at 4am and another 30 mins at 6:30am when we were coming back.
  4. I've heard some crazy stories about Dan, and he definitely lived up to them.
  5. Things that I take for granted in Toronto are crazy expensive in Bermuda. Like 2x to 5x the price. It's a good thing that everyone that works here make obscene amounts of money and pay no taxes.
All in all, not a bad way to start off the Bermuda leg of my trip.


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