22 Degrees and Sunny

Posted by Garth on Sunday, March 30, 2008

22 Degrees and Sunny
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Just a quick update to let all my loyal readers know that I arrived in Bermuda safe and sound. So far I've had a few beers, ate lunch, rented a scooter and am currently drinking a Dark and Stormy with Gregg and his gf Liz. Life could be a helluvalot worse.


Anonymous said...

damn air canada!

mother said...

Life is so-o-o good!! Move over and share---

Garth said...

Not sure where that air canada comment came from (or how it's relevant to this post) but fyi anonymous I flew American Airlines from NY to Bermuda, and didn't even mention that my flight was delayed by at least an hour. But no matter cuz I fell asleep as soon as I sat down and didn't wake up until they announced 5 minutes til landing.

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