Bacon Party

Posted by Garth on Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mostly because I <3 Bacon, but also because my sister keeps sending me links to bacon-y delicious foods, I've decided to throw a Bacon Party. This list is really just a brainstorm, and not sure how many of these ideas are going to make the final cut, but here it is for your enjoyment:

  • chocolate chip bacon cookies
  • bacon candy
  • bacon salted popcorn
  • bacon wrapped shrimp
  • thick sliced bacon
  • thin sliced bacon
  • butterfly steak w/ bacon in the middle
  • bacon chocolate (i.e. dip bacon in melted chocolate - let chocolate harden)
  • bacon cheese fondue
  • bacon chili
  • bacon sushi (raw bacon)
  • bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks
  • bacon cupcakes
  • bacon cheesecake
  • ibm breakfast (this was the traditional breakfast that Mike and I ate at IBM. It was a toasted bagel with cheddar cheese and bacon. Yummy.)

I think I need to consult this list as well. And I think I will have to use some bacon salt as a rimmer on some cocktails... unless someone can suggest an alcoholic beverage that could somehow be infused with bacon-y goodness.


SergioV said...

Bacon fucking rocks.

Garth said...

I couldn't have said it better myself :)

Anonymous said...

Bacon makes everything taste better.

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