Citrus and Mint? WTF?

Posted by Garth on Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everyone knows what it's like to brush your teeth then drink orange juice in the morning, right? One word... Horrible. I hate doing it until I get past the first few chugs of OJ and the minty taste is gone. So why in the world do companies insist on putting citrus and mint together? First there was Sprite Ice. I admit to trying it out of curiosity, but after drinking it I figured it was just a one-time mistake. But now I'm looking through a collection of half eaten gum packs that are lying around, and one of them is Excel Fuse. I'm sitting here chewing a nice piece of mint gum, and the thought of adding citrus to it makes my mouth recoil in fear. It'd be like drinking a big glass of OJ (or in this particular case, melon, as it's called "Melon Mint") while still chewing the gum.

Now, one company, one mistake... no problem (though it is pushing it after Sprite Ice hit my tatebuds). But according to the wikipedia article on Excel, they make 9 flavors of this monstrosity. "Tangerine Freeze"?? Are you kidding me? THAT would be like drinking a big glass of OJ while still chewing minty gum. I admit, the Wikipedia article is far from complete, as it doesn't list Fuse as having a Melon Mint flavor, but here it is in front of me. Nonetheless...

Do people actually buy these things (other than whoever brought this into my house)? I understand wanting citrus-y gum, but not with MINT! Disgusting.

NOTE: This is not the "mint" like a candy shell with a citrus center, this is actually gum. "With Micro Mints Inside".

UPDATE: I set my gum aside and had a smoke. No more minty taste. Then I poured myself a nice big glass of OJ. Refreshing!


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