Posted by Garth on Thursday, January 24, 2008

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he mentioned that he'd seen some special on The National or some crap about how redheads are going to be extinct due to it being a recessive gene and globalization (i.e. inter-racial breeding). Decided to google it and it turns out he's right. At least according to a bunch of articles, which claim that within a hundred years we will exist no longer. So this is a call to arms! Have sex with a redhead in order to propogate the gene. Sure, we have genetic flaws (like albinoism and a general lack of pigment... and our retarded mascot Carrot Top) which Darwinism is likely weeding out for good reason, but come on... we're unique/exotic/insert-cool-factor-here!

Or, as SparklyD likes to say... "God hates redheads". I might agree with her if I believed in God. As it stands I suppose I'll rephrase it to "Natural selection hates redheads". Maybe Science will find a way to reproduce the red haired gene without the nasty lack-of-pigment side effect.


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