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Posted by Garth on Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm sitting here really wanting a smoke (ok, that was 10 minutes ago). I thought to myself "Self, who could you call that would help you combat this feeling" and the response was SparklyD. I called. I got voicemail. I left a message. I went downstairs. I bought smokes. I came back up. I'm typing this message. Admittedly, I may still get a call. Or, the attitude may be "WTF? Why should I care?". Which is valid. And which leads me to a domino effect (or maybe just random realizations) which I feel like blogging. But first, I'm gonna have a smoke.

Holy Universe, Batman! As I was typing that last sentence, my phone rang. It was SparklyD returning my call. But I was already committed, and there was no turning back. I had my smoke. I cracked. I'm a quitter quitter. Whatever. Suffice it to say that I'm still on the quitting track, I just (obviously) need assistance. And drinking all night with Julian doesn't help. So I might have one or two more tonight, but that's still an improvement. Damn, I can justify anything. But I still hate smoking. Bad. Smoking = bad.

Anyway, yesterday's count = 1/2. Today's count (so far) = 1. Continuing to keep track here under the "Smoking" tag (I realize blogger calls them "labels", but I prefer tag, so be it).

As a total aside, I once tried linking to DuMaurier, but due to Canada's smoking/advertising laws they apparently don't have a website. All I can find is this wikipedia entry. Apparently they don't have a website. For the record, I smoke Extra Light, Regular. Ultra Light is like sucking air, and King Size is just too much effort.


Michael Reid said...

Keep it public dude. Its easy to let yourself down, but putting it to the world is the last catch that sometimes brings you back from the edge (at least it is with me, I can let myself down in a heartbeat).

D: I'm disappointed in your ability to have stopped poor Garth from ruining his beleaguered lungs. Its ALL YOUR fault.

Hows that for a mechanism Garth? First ones free.

Fred Supinski said...

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