Posted by Garth on Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why is the tech industry so big on secrets? I'm sitting here on the verge of buying my lovely Kaiser (now deemed the TyTN II) and I start doing a little research. AT&T is going to be offering it as the Tilt, but there is no timeframe. When I asked at a Rogers store if they would be carrying it they said they had no idea, but some howard forums user spotted the following on the Rogers website.

So my question is why? Why all the secrets? I'm about to drop ~$900 on a phone, believing that there's no way in hell that Rogers will ever offer it so I'll never be subject to hardware discounts. But then I see this pic and now I'm curious. So do I wait indefinitely (continuing to use this POS Blackberry) or do I bite the bullet and drop the $900? I think anyone that knows me knows the answer to this, but I still find it problematic. Why can't Rogers just be forthcoming and tell me that yes, they will be offering it, and it will be on approximately x date. Or no, they'll never offer it and I should buy it elsewhere. It doesn't benefit them to not tell me, and in fact it might actually make them a sale (or 5) if they do tell me. Goddam I hate Rogers.


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