Posted by Garth on Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So it looks like I'm gonna be getting a job.  I was planning on doing contract web dev, and I still might do some on the side, but this job is gonna be 6 days a week.  Ugh.  After not working for 2 years (and having a relatively lax schedule for a year or two prior to that) this is gonna be TOUGH.  And for anyone that's ever complained about how much they're making, well, I'll be making 60,000 baht/month.  Which is roughly $2000 CAD.  Which is $24,000/year.  Which is 10 times the minimum wage here.  So I suppose it's all relative.

What is it you might ask?  Well, it's working for a media company who does both print and web media.  I'll be second in command under the owner and managing 13 Thai staff - graphic designers and web developers, as well as interfacing with clients, putting together requirements and quotations, etc.  Though I think I'll be getting my own personal assistant, which sounds appealing.  I've never had an assistant before.

The thought of working again definitely does not appeal to me (as I sit here typing in my underwear).  At any rate, I need to start making some dough, so I'll give it a whirl and see what happens.  Who knows, I might quit after a day.


Gregg said...

but dude! i thought you could just outsource all your responsibilities to Indian guys. Sweet......paycheck and you are back in your underwear - problem solved right?

hehe. congrats mate. welcome back to the grind. we missed ya

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