Is This English?

Posted by Garth on Thursday, November 5, 2009

I was trying to figure out how to use the external HDD enclosure I bought.  Or, more specifically, I was trying to figure out how to screw my drive into it cuz when I don't screw it it's a little loose (i.e. I can hear it wobbling around inside the enclosure when I tilt/move it).  There's screw holes on the bottom of the enclosure where they should be, but the external shell covers them up, and it seems to be glued on to the "cage" where the screw holes are.  See picture.

At any rate, I googled the model number, figuring maybe I was being dense and that there really was a way to remove the bottom part.  But, according to this description, I'm interpreting that there isn't.  Admittedly, this is an English description on a Thai site, so I don't expect it to be perfect... but I'll bet Google Translator would do a better job of whatever source they had.  Excerpt below:
Opens quickly exempts the screw to raise covers the installment

Uses the fashion the outlook with to renovate the type technology most newly, exempts locks the screw, renovatesdirectly -like the design, exempts the general traditional external connection
Gathers also needs to lock screw these troublesome steps, some time incautiously, when disassembling the screw has fallen, how to look does not look
To also makes the whole body perspiration, only needs the simple three steps, then completes hard disk's installment, 1. opens outer cover 2. to insert the hard disk 3.
Covers the cover, may use immediately, quite facilitates, fast, later capacity 夠 Canada will not buy the hard disk again, will replace the hard disk to be possible
More convenient fast
Seriously... is that English?


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