Error Control Sucks

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Since I've gotten back into coding, I've realized what I used to hate about it... error control.  It sucks.  I just want to write the part of the code that DOES something, and not worry about when it errors out due to technical issues or problems between the keyboard and the chair.  For example, since my previous discovery, I discovered that PHP has iconv built-in.  So I decided to write a little web app that would convert those pesky subtitles encoded in TIS-620 to UTF-8.  Took me a couple of hours, and it seems to work great.  However now I need to deal with errors.  Upload errors.  File system errors.  User errors.  Filetype errors.  Filesize errors.  Errors, errors, errors!  I realize that there exists exception handling to make this a little easier, but it's still a PITA.

Suffice it to say that once I sort out this error control I'll make the converter available to the general public.  Until then just use the method(s) posted below.


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