Vonage Local Long Distance

Posted by Garth on Sunday, October 18, 2009

In A Nutshell:
Vonage Local Long Distance (hereafter referred to as VLLD) lets you use your cell phone (or any other number local to your Vonage number) to bounce a call to a long distance recipient.  The effect is that you can make Vonage long distance calls for the cost of a local call.

How It Works:
Using a web browser (mobile phone friendly) you hit the VLLD webpage and provide some information including Vonage username/password, Vonage phone number and long distance recipient (or SimulRing) number.  The application then logs into your Vonage account and changes your SimulRing number to be that of your long distance recipient.  Then, when you call your own Vonage number, it SimulRings your recipient.  When they answer their phone you're now using your Vonage long distance rates to talk to them from a non-Vonage number.

The application has been available at for awhile now, but I haven't really had any testers.  Posted on some 3rd-party Vonage forums about it, but people were hesitant to provide their Vonage account info to an anonymous web app.  And rightly so I suppose.  So, even though I'm leaving the app online there for anyone that wants to use it, I'm also providing the source code here if you want to set it up yourself, thus alleviating any concerns of identity theft.  Note however that even at, the code does not store any information.  Though since you can't really see the code that's there I suppose you just have to take my word for it.

If you do want to set it up yourself, all you need is a web server that supports PHP and cURL and you should be off to the races.  Download and unzip to your web server and you're up and running.

Known Issues:

  1. This app will wipe out your current SimulRing settings, so you'll need to go back in and set them up again afterwards.  Version 2 will temporarily record your existing SimulRing settings, wait a specified amount of time (likely 30 seconds or so) then switch them back.  This will allow you to call your long distance recipient and let the web app switch your SimulRing settings back to normal in the background so that you don't miss (or accidentally redirect) a call.  If you plan on using this app (either hosted on my server or on your own) and need that functionality, let me know and I'll make it a priority.
  2. This has only been tested (and currently only functions) on  If you're using or you'll both need to change the $url variables in simulring.php and do some testing.
Because I conceived of this app a few years ago but only got around to writing it recently I haven't really gotten around to perfecting it.  Also, since I'm in Thailand and can't actually make use of it, my drive to perfect it is even less.  See the 80/20 rule.  However, if others are interested in it I'll see what I can do.


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