Computer Bits & Pieces

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Strange as it may be, I just got a dopamine and/or serotonin rush from looking at my desk which has some screws, screwdrivers and an HDD enclosure sitting on it.  Yesterday I bought an external enclosure for the drive that I ripped out of my dead HP Tablet and looking at the remaining bits sitting on my desk provided me with a wave of happiness.  I think I've been out of tech for too long.  I miss it.  But I miss only the fun stuff, not the 7am tech support calls explaining how to double-click (ok, that was years ago... most people know how to double-click by now, but still, I have experienced them).  I also bought a new power supply (since the old one vanished when I was in Bangkok/Laos) for an old Linksys WRT54G so that I could get wireless up and running at my new place and decided to flash it with DD-WRT.  Though now it's randomly locking up on me, and the suggestion from the forums is to "Check your power supply".  Great.  Gotta love Thailand tech.  But, ironically, I actually do love that I get to fiddle with something new.  I think this is really just my brain trying to occupy itself until I get my 2 new toys near the end of the month.

I miss disposable income.  Tech is so much fun.


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