Posted by Garth on Monday, September 7, 2009

I've been giving some thought to Word lately.  And the other MS Office products.  In my upcoming transition to Mac, I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to use to replace my core apps.  Word immediately came to mind as an app that was of concern, as, from all reports, the Mac version of Office just isn't up to speed with the Windows version.  But then I got thinking... what is Word really?  I mean, any documents I write I want to publish on the web.  And Word's HTML conversion/Save As... well, to put it bluntly, sucks balls.  So, from my perspective, Word is a glorified HTML editor.  And it doesn't even do that very well.  Which means that I'm not going to miss it (other than possible conversion problems from .doc to .html, which may require a Windows VM for proper formatting).  In other words, Word - I won't miss you.  I might miss Excel, though I've yet to really put Google Spreadsheets through its paces, and since I'm not a real power user, it might suffice.  Otherwise I'm sure I can find an adequate replacement.

Damn it feels good to free myself (theoretically) from the Microsoft regime.  Oh, and I'm going to use GIMP on Mac as well, so no Adobe cartel to deal with either.  Open source kicks ass.  Hopefully my new MacBook will allow me to appreciate the nuances of Unix so that a Linux conversion can also take place in my currently permeable mind.  But all in due time.


Rob Drimmie said...

The Google apps are pretty solid, but if you want an offline choice, OpenOffice is passable.

Gregg said...

well you could always look at Office Mac - the best selling and most respected office suite on the Mac platform. Made for Mac users, and the silly inane things Mac users like to do.

Or you can just get off the fat-client train and look forward to Office Live when it is released. That will be full Office 2010 versions hosted in the cloud with a little offline capability.

Open source sucks donkey junk. Come back to the fold my son. Bill and Steve forgive you for your transgressions. Torvolds is a baby raper and Miguel de Icaza i think killed his mom - you do NOT want to be associated with these people.

Garth said...

Gregg, nothing personal, but you're a whore. Don't worry though... it's the oldest occupation in the world.

Gregg said...

Meant to say Office Web Applications (yeah another OWA) from 2010 - not Live. source can be ok i guess. I will say i have been lusting after Beryl screen transitions since Vista promised a 3d accelerated window manager.

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