Ahead of Schedule!

Posted by Garth on Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yay!  There's a 5:50pm flight tomorrow from Penang to Phuket.  My Visa will be ready at 2:30pm.  It's gonna cost me about 130 ringgits to change my flight, but I save 2 days of hotel and 2 days of utter boredom in this hellhole they call Penang.  Yee Haw!!


Gregg said...

Good to hear that you are alive! No peep from you since your "ankle pr0n" and last visa debacle.

get back on chat, get posting and stop being a stranger!

Mom said...

Did enjoy this post over the past fiasco. Share some of the love of Phuket---

Anonymous said...

dont care really. sorry your link appears on my fav. site.

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