It IS A Tumor

Posted by Garth on Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ok, so maybe given the situation that title isn't the most a propos I could've chosen.  At any rate, Chanisa has been having pains as of late and went to the hospital this morning.  Turns out she's got a tumor in one of her ovaries that has grown to 15cm in 2 months.  She's going into surgery on Friday to get it removed.  Problem is that this costs 100,000 baht here in Thailand (probably cheap compared to the rest of the world), but still expensive in Thai terms.  She doesn't want to ask anyone for help, so I am.  If anyone that I know (or that I don't know but has a deep well of kindness in their hearts) wishes to help, I'm accepting donations on her behalf.  I guarantee they will be put towards her surgery.  And given the baht exchange rate, every little bit really does help.  $20 CAD is about 575 baht, and $20 USD is about 700 baht (goddam do I hate that CAD exchange!).  $20 would be great; $100 would be stupendous.  I have no idea at this point how to do funds transfers and all that jazz, but if you want to help out send me an email (be sure to include your reply address) and I'll be in touch.  She's a sweet, responsible girl who doesn't drink (well, didn't before she met me) and doesn't smoke.  She goes back to her home town a couple times a year and gives money and toys to the kids.  She's a giver.  I could go on (and was actually gonna set up a separate site and domain to try to raise money for her), but she doesn't want me to.  Suffice it to say she doesn't deserve this (as if anyone does), and could use the help of anyone that's reading this.

(She's the one on the viewer's right)


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