Posted by Garth on Sunday, January 4, 2009

In my ongoing quest for new snack foods, I have discovered what is currently the reigning champ.  These things are amazing.  Pretzel sticks (my favorite - the only twists I like are the authentic, bready Oktoberfest-style pretzel) with a chemical flavoring of ham and cheese.  They are delicious.  At first I thought it was only me that was addicted to them, but Gregg took a liking to them when he was here and Lewis seems equally addicted.  And the other night we fed some to the cat, who probably would've done back flips for them if she knew how.

(Sorry about the sideways video.  I've yet to find a way to rotate 3gp videos without converting them to some other format)


Peter said...

Hey... those are made by the same company that makes Pocky. I've seen Pizza and Larb (???) flavor here in Toronto, but not Ham and Cheese.

I've not tried the Pretz, but I have had quite a few different kinds of Pocky.

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