Posted by Garth on Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seems like I'm gonna be a popular guy over the next few months.

November 9th - Gregg arrives from Bermuda and is staying with me for 2 weeks.

November 19th - JP arrives from Toronto with his girlfriend and is staying for a few days (between traveling around the north followed by a jaunt to Vietnam and Hong Kong).

A little before Xmas - Davide (the guy I'm staying with in Singapore right now) is thinking about making a trip up for a few days (wow - Phuket is actually "up" from somewhere that's in the Northern Hemisphere; damn it's hot in Singapore!).

Sometime in January - Lewis is going to be joining me from Australia for a week or two - and has requested some ladyboy action, but only on Sundays.  Guess that's his day of rest when he lets someone else do the work.  (I joke... he really requested it on Saturdays.)

I should really figure out how to be a good tour guide... or at least figure out something to show these people other than the insides of bars :)

And, on a completely separate note, my Visa run seems to have been a rousing success (in and out quickly, no interview, 24 hour turnaround)... except that I applied for a one-year multi-entry B Visa, and I seem to have gotten a 3-month single-entry B Visa.  I really don't understand this process, but hopefully Sean's lawyer can straighten things out.


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