New Nickname

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It seems that I have a new nickname.  This isn't a frathouse nickname, but rather a gf / Thai nickname.  And it is... drumroll please...

Ling Noi

Which means "Little Monkey" (Ling = Monkey, Noi = Little).  I told her that I'd prefer "Ling Yai" which means "Big Monkey", but "Ling Noi" seems to have stuck.  But no matter.  Because her nickname is "Gra Rok".  Which literally means "squirrel", but really the attempt is to call her a chipmunk.  Cuz she has chubby cheeks like a chipmunk packing nuts for the winter.  But there is no Thai word for chipmunk, only for squirrel.  Weak, I know.  Though it seems that when she tells her friends her new nickname they all laugh and find it appropriate.  So "Gra Rok" works.  Good on me and my uber Thai language knowledge (and the Internet for providing all of it to me).


Conan said...

I kinda recall your ex-gf's also referring to you as 'little monkey'. Never paid much attention to it before but getting the impression that your monkey is little :P

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