Costume Ideas?

Posted by Garth on Monday, October 6, 2008

Seeing that Halloween is rapidly approaching, I need costume ideas.  Here's the criteria...

  1. As you know, I'm in Thailand, so the costume has to be something that people will recognize.  This basically means that anything witty or punny won't work so well, as those costumes tend to play on the English language.
  2. I have red hair.  Ideally, I'd like something that fits with that theme (i.e. Dracula probably wouldn't work so well).
  3. I can get a custom made costume fairly cheap (around $30 CAD), so pretty much anything is possible, though this will require time which is why I need an idea soon.
Any help from my loyal readers would be greatly appreciated.  Dos Gringos is doing a Halloween party with prizes for the best costume, sexiest costume, and best Mexican.  I was thinking Zorro, but again, the red hair thing sorta puts a damper on that.


Mom said...

Ever hear of hair dye--non permanent kind?

Vinhsanity said...

I think that this is what I am going to be, but I figure you can borrow my idea:

Dora the Explorer's Backpack....You can wear it over your face with cutouts for the eyes and then wear a purple jump suit!!


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