Posted by Garth on Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I made the decision last week to get LASIK.  This was due to the fact that I can't really see that well at night time, and now that I have wheels again (rented a Suzuki jeep-type thing) I figured I'd be doing night driving and don't want to die.  So two hours ago I went to the initial eye check-up that they have to do to determine what your needs are and whether or not you're a candidate.  And as it turns out, I'm not a candidate.  Apparently my cornea is too big.  Standard cornea size is 540 microns and mine are 610 and 617.  So, according to the doctor, if the operation was performed it might actually make my vision worse.  Which sucks, cuz now I need to either buy glasses for night time driving or figure out how to put contacts in, which terrifies me cuz I really really really hate sticking things in my eye.  Bah.


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