Posted by Garth on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's start at the beginning.  I've been sort of dating this girl in Thailand for about 2 months now (maybe 3).  She's super cool.  But in the meantime I've also befriended a bunch of bargirls.  Mostly cuz my buddy (Carl) is dating one, so she obviously introduces me to her friends/coworkers.  Anyway, it's all been cool, we've hung out, gone drinking, gone clubbing, no expectations.  On to the story...

Last night we went out clubbing.  Went to Laguna which is pretty much the only cool bar in Rawai/Chalong.  There was me, 3 girls (Carl's girl and 2 of her bargirl friends) and some Thai dude.  No problem.  Roll in there, I'm feeling like king shit cuz I got 3 girls.  Then shit just exploded.  Every girl on the street that I've talked to in passing or just had some sort of contact with was there.  Most of them I didn't even know their names, but they knew mine.  Had a few conversations but I was super fucked up.  At one point I was sitting outside talking to someone (don't ask me who), and when I left the conversation I sort of backed up and ended up stepping in the fish pond.  So I scraped my knee to shit and also soaked my shorts up to my ass on the right side.  But really, only 2 or 3 people saw it and I was just that much more mysterious when I rolled back inside.

But here's the clincher.  Evening was all good.  Just a lot of fun.  Then we're hanging out in my place and Jit (aka Pimp/Mamasan) says to me "Joy and Jak have to work today. If you pay their barfine they no have to work".  Now, my initial reaction to that was "fuck off".  But then I got thinking about it, and what it comes down to is a good day.  Basically, I can pay $15/girl for them to not have to work today and generally just lounge around and enjoy themselves.  In other words, $15 = great day.  If someone had the opportunity to do that for me and didn't take it I'd... well, I'm not violent so I probably wouldn't do anything.  But I'd be super pissed.  So at the end (actually beginning since it was around 10am) of the day I decided to just pay their barfine so that they had the day off.  I knew from the get go that I'm never gonna see either of them naked, so the barfine ($30 for both of them) is really just an exercise.  Having said all that, here's the part that bit me in the ass...

My Thai girlfriend is coming here tonight.  We have a "date" of sorts.  At any rate, I told them this up front, even before I agreed to pay the barfine, saying I was unavailable past 4pm.  "No plomplem" they say.  But then once everything is settled they say they're gonna have a party tonight cuz they don't have to work.  "No plomplem" I say, cuz whatever.  They can do what they want with their day off and I'm unavailable anyway.  But then they start laying into me, telling me that they want to "repay" me.  I seriously just told them no.  I basically said "I have a girlfriend and she's coming here tonight.  If you want to 'repay' me you can do it another night, or just don't worry about it".  Apparently "don't worry about it" means "OMFG I need to deliver an ultimatum".  So I actually got an ultimatum delivered, which basically consisted of "if you not cancel with girlfriend tonight then maybe you never get repayed", to which I responded "OK", with no intention of cancelling with girlfriend.  And what happened then, you might ask?  They actually got angry at me, cuz I wasn't making myself available to them on the night that I paid their barfine.  But to me, that wasn't the point... it literally was a cost/benefit scenario.  $15 so that someone doesn't have to work for the day/night is well worth it, IMHO.  I actually don't want anything in return.  I just want them to have a good day/night and be happy.  So, I now have a bunch of Thai bargirls mad at me because I paid their barfine but WON'T let them "repay" me (whatever that means).  I'm dumbfounded.

Well, turns out that I fell asleep and my girlfriend showed up, knocked, called me, texted me, hung out outside my door for 30 mins, then left.  I'm an asshole.  And it seems like that may have been the straw that broke the camel's back as it were.  So what do I do to fix things?  I go out with the aforementioned girls.  Had a fun time and all, but I'm definitely thinking I need to run some damage control tomorrow.  Assuming that's even possible.  But we'll see.  As of now, I'm going to sleep.


kkha said...

Hmmm... you paid 30 bucks for two girls not to work, not to earn tips, and not to hook up with a potential sugar daddy patron. I think you owe these girls.

Vinhsanity said...

Hmmmmm...I think your gf is over-reacting. How could you possibly be mad at such a philanthropist whom stood you up to hang out with bargirls?


Anonymous said...

you should have tapped those asses.

Vinhsanity said...

^I think that was Krista

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