Posted by Garth on Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, since I sold my condo I decided to celebrate. Was buying drinks for everyone at the bar last night and my tab was about 5000 baht (about $150 CAD) which is SUPER expensive for here, but there was a lot of drinking and I easily would have spent that drinking in Toronto. Then a bunch of us went out to Patong to shake our party arm. Well, after spending another couple hundred dollars there (I was being pretty reckless last night and paying for everything, but it was a one-time thing due to the condo sale) I came back home. Woke up this morning and my phone was nowhere in sight. Dunno what happened to it, but it sucks. That thing was my baby. So I went out and bought some cheap shitty Nokia today for 900 baht (about $30). So all in all last night was an expensive night, but what the hell. At least now I won't care if I lose my phone.


kkha said...

Big spender makes you a huge target... and you're white. Ok, well now you know.

Mother said...

Does that mean you lost your big Kaiser?

Gregg said...

i would like the world to know that i share in Garth's pain. My Kaiser/TyTNII is also out of commission. Only difference is i know exactly what happened to mine....ocean + kaiser = -800 bucks.
Garth here's to the HTC Touch Pro in august eh??!?!?

Garth said...

Ken: Me = dumb farang. 'Nuff said.
Mom: Yes, my big Kaiser has gone the way of the dodo.
Gregg: No way am I dropping all kinds of cash on another phone here. Not sure what I'm gonna do, but it's kind of refreshing not to carry around the brick anymore. And without data I didn't really use the keyboard much anyway. Though it sure was nice to be able to read books and listen to music on.

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