2:30pm, SATURDAY May 31st

Posted by Garth on Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well, I must say this is about the most challenging situation I've gotten myself into yet. For some unknown reason I had it in my head that the 31st was Sunday, but it's not. It's today. So this morning the front desk called me up and told me I had to check out. I called Ken's friend Davide, and he offered to let me crash at his place tonight (he's a super nice guy if you haven't figured that out already). However he's wakeboarding until 3 or 4, so I figured I'd just leave my bags at the front desk and grab a beer while I waited. Even until I got down to the front desk, after packing up all my things, I still thought it was their mistake and that they were making me check out early. Then when I got down there they told me that today was the 31st. So, by that time I'd missed my flight to Phuket.

Used the internet and verified that yes, I had missed my flight. Booked a new ticket for tomorrow. Only cost about $107 CAD, so not a big financial concern, but without a working credit card I had to use my mom's (thanks mom!). Emailed Tiger Muay Thai to let them know so that a cab wasn't waiting for me, and so that I could schedule a new one for tomorrow. With $6 SGD in my pocket I went to the nearest ATM. But it was out of service and the guy fixing it said that it'd be about 30 mins, and didn't know where another one was. So, here I sit in uber humidity, writing this post on my Kaiser, sweating my balls off while I wait for the ATM to be fixed.

This better not be a sign of things to come. Hopefully this experience will knock the stupidity out of my system.


Mother said...

Used to be, we carried a PAPER calendar--always worked 'cause no need for technology!

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