Back on Track

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Better headspace. I don't want this to turn into a fitness blog, but since only my friends read it, I figure I'll keep you folks up to date. Weight is down to 188.8 today. No more squash pain (well, except for my shoulder, but that's cuz I keep running into the wall with it). Actually beat Ken on Saturday 2 games to 1 (a personal best for me), even as I was sick and hacking up phlegm. Went to the gym (i.e. weight lifting) today for 40 mins (which I haven't done in 5 years, but which is going to become a regular thing for me). And all the clothes that I bought with the image consultant a couple months ago are too big for me now. If you want to keep an eye on my progress you can see it here.

Next on the agenda: New winter jacket and boots. My Scott eVest is frumpy and doesn't fit with my stylish new image. And with device consolidation (i.e. my Kaiser) I don't really need 46 pockets.


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