Bad Headspace (Warning: Rant)

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been in a bad headspace for the last few days. Everything's pissing me off. Can't win a game of squash for the life of me. Ankles are hurting and apparently I'm a prime candidate for Ankle Tendonitis:

"Ankle tendonitis is caused by excess stress being placed on the posterior tibialis tendon. Those most at risk of developing the condition are people involved in sports that involve a lot of stopping, starting and sharp movements and those that are not properly conditioned to physical exercise. Sports like basketball, squash, baseball, tennis and football put a lot of strain on the ankles."

So apparently I need to take a break from squash for a few days, which is quite the bummer.

My primary computer died today for no apparent reason. The UPS it's plugged into has a dead battery (which may have been the cause of the PC's death, but even plugging it into the wall will not allow me to turn it on... thinking dead PSU). There's shit all over the computer room so I can barely even get to that box to pull it out and troubleshoot it. Plus I hate hardware work. And since it was acting as my spam filter I am now inundated with spam on my phone whenever my laptop's not on.

Feeling like the forward progress I was making with my personal life has come to a screeching halt. Shit's not going as planned.

Seeming unable to troubleshoot the simplest things at work.

The front loading laundry machines that they just installed suck. Every time I pull a piece of wet laundry out 5 more pieces fall onto the dirty floor. And the dryers blow (no pun intended) because you can't change the temperature part way through the 60 min timer... so if I want to blast some shirts on low for 10 mins then change to medium for the rest of the load I can't. I have to let it run for the full 60 mins, pay another dollar, THEN change the temperature. Bull Shit!

Oh, and since I'm trying to lose weight and get in shape, I was drinking vodka sodas last night. Have you ever had a vodka soda? It's like drinking water. With a little bit of carbonation (and I do mean little). And vodka. It's bland. I want my pints!!

And I'm breaking out. Acne sucks.

AND I apparently need a new swimsuit, as my current one makes me look like Raoul the pool boy (i.e. it's too short).

On a positive note, I was having a good hair day today, but now I'm gonna go swimming and even that will likely have done a 180 by the time I end up going out tonight. ARGH!


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