One MILLION Doll.. err... Kilobytes!

Posted by Garth on Thursday, October 4, 2007

As of yesterday I was paying $60/month for 25MB of data from Rogers, the provider I love to hate. As of today I'm paying $65/month for 1GB of data!

Apparently as of October 1st they introduced some new data plans. And here's where it gets good. If you go to this page (best viewed in IE cuz Rogers sucks) you can see some of the new plans. Note that the Windows Mobile plans range from $15/month for 2MB to $80/month for 500MB. But note the PC Card plan below it which is $65/month for 1GB. Which, if you actually click through the link, takes you to the same page as the Windows Mobile link above. So, obviously Rogers' website sucks. But I spoke with a friend who's a Rogers salesperson to inquire as to why there's a discrepancy here - I mean, why can't I use the $65/month PC Card plan on my Kaiser? Apparently, there's no reason that I can't. So I signed up for it. But it begs the question - why is the Windows Mobile branded plan more expensive than the PC Card plan for less data?! Likely because Rogers thinks that people are generally stupid and won't realize that you can use the PC Card plan on a WinMo phone. Which is probably true, but WHY for the love of god must Rogers be such dicks? Why can't they just provide raw data plans without all this marketing shit around them? Re-tar-ded.

I wish I had some sharks with frickin' lasers. In Ted Rogers' swimming pool.


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