Liveblogging the Kaiser

Posted by Garth on Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's the day (knock wood). Following is my liveblog (well, as live as it can be given the delays) of this groundbreaking event. In the style of the giz and engadget, keep refreshing this page to see the events take place.

Emailed Paul to see what's going on.

Paul replied, indicating that he had just spoken with the customs broker and that he should have them within the next hour or so.

Posting this. Jonesing. Must. Have. Kaiser. *twitch* *twitch*

Emailed Paul again, asking if it'd be available shortly as I'd really like to pick it up at lunchtime. So far no reply.

Reply from Paul. Still waiting for customs release. No lunchtime pickup apparently :(

Nothing new to report. *twitch* *twitch*

Got a call. Not THE call, but a call nonetheless. Paul is on his way to Mississauga to pick 'em up, at which point he'll call me to coordinate pickup from him. I will likely not meet him in Mississauga, but instead meet him somewhere in Toronto proper for pickup. This seems sketchier and sketchier all the time. But I don't care. My baby is on its way! Cigars for everyone!

Got the call. THE call. I can pick it up anytime, but I need to coordinate with Paul cuz he's out and about. Just waiting for JP to give me the word that he can leave work and be my chauffeur and I'm outta here. Interestingly, the twitching seems to have gotten worse, not better. *twitch*

JP's still in a meeting. Paul's downtown somewhere. He said he might be able to swing by my office and drop it off for me. He's gonna call me back. *twitch* *twitch*

Paul called. He's gonna come by the office in 30 mins. I'm ordering beer to celebrate. Yee haw!! And Fred's got his camera here so pictures might even be forthcoming (though likely tomorrow before they get posted).

Paul's on his way. I can barely contain myself. I think I'm going to pee my pants.

Got phone. Took pics. More to follow. Note that I did not pee my pants.


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